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Cloud Phone

Cloud Phone Features

  • Auto Attendant – Allow callers to be routed to the proper department or employee.  If you prefer to have an available employee answer during business hours, that’s possible as well.
  • Music/Message on Hold – Callers will not be left in silence while waiting for assistance.  Play the music of your choice, or inform callers of the products and services you offer.
  • Business SMS – Gone are the days of needing to provide personal cell numbers to business clients.  See Business SMS in action.
  • Extensions – Reach the right employee or department at the press of a button.
  • Soft Phone – Call, text or fax from an app on your PC or mobile device.
  • Call Flip – Begin a call on your desk phone – seamlessly flip to your mobile device to continue your call as you leave the office.
  • Paging/Intercom – Employees who aren’t always at their desk can be paged, or have a conversation internally via intercom.
  • Call Transfer – If the conversation takes a turn, transfer to the employee who can handle the call best.
  • Call Recording – Always have a record of what was said – both sides of the conversation can be played back as needed.
  • Call Monitoring – As employees are being trained, or as a situation arises, live monitor calls on extensions where permissions have been granted.
  • Voicemail to Text – Sometimes it’s easier to glance at a text version of your voicemail rather than listening to the complete message.  Automated speech recognition helps to facilitate this feature.
  • Conference Calling – Create or join a voice or video meeting from your phone or computer.
  • Easy to Manage – So hard to describe – watch this video.
  • Compare Features – Download this PDF for a complete list of features compared between versions.


* Not all features available in all plans.

Where to Start

  • Internet Connection – In order for a hosted phone system to have good voice quality, your Internet connection will need to be stable and fast.  We would be happy to assess the situation for you prior to considering a cloud-based phone solution for your business.
  • Number Porting – If you’ve had the same business number for years, or just don’t want to change, let’s discuss if your number can be ported or if you would be happy to forward your existing number.  There are also options of getting a new local or toll free business phone number.

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