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Shipping Services

CompuSave Office Pro is a UPS Access Point and a PUDO Point for your packages.  Below are the shipping services we offer as well as Shipping Tips and Premium Shipping Services.

Shipping Services [PDF]


Looking for our Shipping Policy for orders placed with CompuSave?
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Parcel Drop Off & Pickup

Drop Off
Drop off your parcels which are ready to ship.  Parcels  are considered ready to ship if packaged & sealed and have a pre-paid shipping label from a supported courier.  (See “Supported Couriers” section below.)

Premium Service rates will apply to packages not ready to ship.
(See rates near bottom of page.)

Pick Up Missed Shipments
If you were not available to receive a shipment when a courier driver attempted a delivery, they may leave a note to pickup at CompuSave.

Re-route Shipments
If your package is already on its way to your location, but you won’t be available to receive it, some couriers & online stores will allow you to re-route your incoming packages to CompuSave.  Check with the courier or online store directly.

Ship to UPS Access Point or PUDO Point
When ordering online, some businesses allow you the option to ship to a UPS Access Point or a PUDO Point – such as CompuSave.


Shipping Tips

Securing your items.

  • Package items in a cardboard box, poly mailer or bubble mailer. Do not ship items in a clear bag or material that will easily rip.
  • We recommend against using a Ziploc bag as they can easily be opened and the contents removed.
  • Use void fill (crumpled paper or bubble wrap) to prevent items from shifting during shipping.
  • Securely close packages with packing tape on all open edges.
  • Do not use Scotch or masking tape to seal packages.


Shipping label tips.

  • We require a pre-paid shipping label from one of our supported couriers. (See front page.)
  • Print the label “regular size” which is generally around 5” x 7”.
  • You can also email us the label for printing. (Charges apply.)
  • Use a label pouch to attach your shipping label.
  • Make sure the label is flat on the package with the full label visible.
  • Ensure there are no wrinkles or folds on the entire barcode.
  • If taping the label to your package, tape all edges so the label doesn’t get caught and ripped.
  • Do not tape over the barcode(s).
  • Each package requires a unique shipping label.
  • Do not duplicate a label for several packages.
  • Do not attach more than 1 shipping label on a package.


Commercial invoices (border crossing paperwork).

  • For any US destination packages, Commercial Invoices are required for border crossing.
  • If your shipment is a return, the Commercial Invoice can typically be obtained from the company you are shipping to.
  • 3 copies of the Commercial Invoice are required, all of which are to be signed & dated.
  • Commercial invoices must be in a packing slip pouch on the outside of the package. Do not tape them to your package.


Premium Shipping Services

Ready to Ship. $0

Your package is considered “Ready to Ship” if all of the following apply:

  1. Your items are securely packaged and the package is properly sealed.
  2. A pre-paid shipping label, from a supported courier is applied, without wrinkles or folds on the entire barcode.
  3. For US shipments, you provide 3x signed & dated Commercial Invoices.


Silver Level. $1 Convenience Fee – per package

This service level includes up to:

  1. Printing of a single, supplied, pre-paid shipping label.
  2. Label pouch for shipping label.
  3. Printing of 3 copies of supplied, signed & dated Commercial Invoice.
  4. Label pouch for Commercial Invoices.


Gold Level. $2 Convenience Fee – per package

This service level includes up to:

  1. All or any of the services from Silver Level.
  2. Void fill to keep the contents of your package secure.
  3. Packing tape to seal your package.


Platinum Level. $3 Convenience Fee – per package

This service level includes up to:

  1. All or any of the services from Silver & Gold Levels.
  2. Assistance with matching Commercial Invoices to proper package.
  3. Resolve issues with multiple shipping labels on a single package.


Pack & Ship Service. (Canadian addresses only)

  • Provide your products to be shipped, along with a suitable shipping container, or purchase from our in-stock selection.
  • We’ll securely package your shipment for you.
  • Provide the shipping address & shipment value if you require insurance.
  • We will quote service options from various couriers, with estimated delivery periods.

$7 to $10 Convenience Fee

(above & beyond shipping rate & required packaging materials)

Supported Couriers

CompuSave Office Pro accepts packages for the following couriers: UPS, PUDO, Purolator, Loomis Express, Canpar and ICS Courier.

Questions or concerns?

Contact the shipper/vendor, or courier directly for any concerns regarding package tracking, lost or damaged packages or for any shipping complaints.

Phone: 1-800-742-5877

Phone: 1-844-300-8533

Phone: 1-800-387-9335

Phone: 1-800-744-7123

Loomis Express
Phone: 1-855-256-6647

ICS Courier
Phone: 1-888-427-8729

Amazon Returns (QR Codes)

CompuSave Office Pro is not able to accept an Amazon return shipment based on a provided QR Code.  See details below to obtain a standard shipping label from Amazon.

To reverse the QR code →

  1. In Amazon, go to your orders and find the item you are returning – click on it
  2. Click on: View return / refund status (If you can’t find this button, see FAQs below)
  3. Click on: Cancel return
  4. Click on: Cancel return (for a 2nd time)
  5. Click on: Back


Now begin the return process again →

  1. Choose the reason you are returning your item and click Continue.
  2. How do you want your refund? Make your selection and click Continue.
  3. How to ship the package back to Amazon?
    • Scroll down through the return options until you find UPS Access Point (not UPS Store)
    • Choose: Confirm your return.
  4. Print your label.
    • Choose: Print a copy of your label, – OR
    • If you don’t have a printer, CompuSave Office Pro can print your label for you → Choose email to a friend – and email the label to We charge $1 to print your label.


If this doesn’t work, you can call Amazon – 1-888-280-4331.  Tell them you don’t live anywhere near a UPS store and need a label.  That should work.


I can’t find “View Return/Refund Status” option.

If you have asked to get a replacement for your item, then you cannot cancel your return and start over.  In this case, just call Amazon at the phone number listed above.  Make sure you explain that you don’t live near a UPS Store, so you must have a label.

Any other problem.

Just call Amazon.  Make sure you explain that you don’t live near a UPS Store, so you must have a label.