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Un-Attended Access Control

Terms and Conditions

The installation of this software & correctly following the oral advice of the CompuSave Computers Inc. technician will allow our technicians to gain access to your computer without requiring user intervention for each connection.

CompuSave Computers Inc. promises to connect to your computer only with your prior oral consent, or when an urgent need arises that requires our immediate attention. Reasons to connect without prior oral consent may include procedures which will save the client from unwanted costs and hassles due to hardware/software maintenance being required.

CompuSave Computers Inc. will not record any chargeable time for connections made without prior oral or written consent.

CompuSave Computers Inc. and it’s associated technicians will not access your personal or business information for any reasons outside of the work that is to be performed – we will follow instructions provided by the person in charge at your company or residence.

CompuSave Computers Inc. will endeavour to protect the connection information related to your computer in every possible, reasonable way, in an attempt to prevent un-authorized access to your computer.

Upon installation of the Un-Attended Access Control software, you will be required to enter an access password. This will be provided to you by CompuSave Computers Inc. We recommend that you DO NOT record this information, in order to increase security. We also advise against creating your own password.

CompuSave Computers Inc. will only supply un-attended connection information to Tier II, client approved technicians. Not all CompuSave Computers Inc. technicians will have access to your computer.

The TeamViewer software & logo are owned by TeamViewer GmbH and remain their property.

CAUTION: We recommend that you only install this software if instructed to do so by a CompuSave Computers Inc. technician. The installation of this software will allow CompuSave Computers Inc. to have complete access to your computer system at all times. By installing this software, you agree to all of the above terms and conditions.